Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tutorial Five: Video production part two.

Tutorial 5: Video production part two.

The following videos show the theme music and movement, I chose this theme as it was one of the focal points at my fieldwork experience.  They used music and movement to encourage belonging, encouragement, positive reinforcement, learning, education and much more.

This video is showing those with physical impairments dancing, they get so much enjoyment, feeling of purpose and inclusion from dancing in a group together.

This video is all about a group trying to remove the stigma around people who have disabilities; they show us that if you put your mind to something you can achieve it. They are very inspiring.

This video is about the benefits of dance and how it can help the mind body and soul. Movement is so therapeutic and this video emphasises this.

This video is breaking down what dance typically is, how it helps with therapy, how movement can focus on what is happening to their body.

This video is a documentary on the benefits of music in relation to music, and how it helps the brain, mind body and soul.


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